Research Grant Program

The AKLDP provides capacity-building support to universities and research institutes in Ethiopia in the form of small grants. The following studies are currently being supported by the project:

  • Dietary diversity and associated factors among rural households, South Gondar Zone, North West Ethiopia, Bahir Dar University and Gondar University Further information

  • Economic linkage between pastoralists and farmers in Ethiopia: Evidence from Afar and Borena areas, and adjacent highland areas, Ethiopian Economic Policy Research Institute of the Ethiopian Economics Association in collaboration with Debrebirhan University and Bule Hora University Further information

  • Smallholder farmers’ perception, attitude and management of trees in farmed landscape in north eastern Ethiopia, Wollo University Further information

  • Assessment of the magnitude and causes of young stock mortality in major production systems of Ethiopia, Gondar University in collaboration with Samera University, Jigjiga University, Jimma University, BRVL and NAHDIC Further information

  • Spate irrigation for fodder production in Ascoma District, Eli Weha Wereda, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia, Samara University and National Regional State Water Resource Bureau Further information

  • The economic value of milk in the Somali Regional State, Jigjiga University Further information

  • Effects of herbicide application in wheat crop and on honey bee population in Ethiopia,  Madawalabu University, Ministry of Agriculture, Tigray Region Agriculture Research Institute, Amhara Region Agriculture Research Institute Further information

  • The economic value of hides and skins in Jarrar and Shabelle Zones, Somali Region, Ethiopia, Jigjiga University Further information