COMESA/CAADP Policy Briefs

Commodity-based Trade in Livestock Products: New Opportunities for Livestock Trade in the COMESA Region COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 1 May 2008 COMESA CAADP Policy Brief 1 Livestock Commodities

Hidden Value on the Hoof: Cross-border Livestock Trade in Eastern Africa COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 2 February 2009 COMESA CAADP Policy Brief 2 Cross Border Livestock Trade

Income Diversification Among Pastoralists: Lessons for Policy Makers. COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 3, March 2009 COMESA Economic Diversification Pastoralists Policy Brief 3

COMESA, Transboundary Animal Diseases and Marketing Beef COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 4 September 2009 COMESA TADS Beef Policy Brief 4

The COMESA Green Pass and Commodity-based Trade in Livestock Products COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 5 September 2009 COMESA policy brief 5 Green Pass & Livestock

Improving Trade in Livestock Commodities by COMESA: The Challenge of Animal Traceability COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 6 October 2009 Traceability Policy Brief 6

Credible Certification for COMESA: Strategies and Tools COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 7 October 2009 Credible Certification Policy Brief 7

Campaigning for the COMESA Green Pass for Livestock Commodities: Who and How? COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 8 October 2009 Campaigning for the Green Pass Policy Brief 8

Sustainable Trade in Wildlife Commodities COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 9 November 2009 Wildlife Products Policy Brief 9

Farming Livestock for Export: What Needs to Change? COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief No. 10 December 2009 Farming Livestock for Export Policy Brief 10

Promoting Commodity-based Trade: Using the Equivalence Principle COMESA/CAADPPolicy Brief No. 11 January 2010 Equivalence and Trade Policy Brief 11

Solving the Problem of Residues in Livestock Commodities COMESA/CAADPPolicy Brief No. 12 February 2010 Residues and Trade Policy Brief 12

Modern, Mobile and Profitable: Assessing the Total Economic Value of Pastoralism. COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief 13, February 2010 TEV Policy Brief 13 v1

Legislation to Support Cross-Border Livestock Mobility. COMESA/CAADP Policy Brief 14, March 2010 Mobility Policy Brief 14 v1