Archives – PLI impact assessments & reviews

Rapid Review of the Cash‐for‐Work and Natural Resource Management Components of the RAIN Project, 2010 Tufts-Rapid-Review-of-RAIN-Project

Impact Assessment of Small‐Scale Pump Irrigation in the Somali Region of Ethiopia, 2010 CHF impact assessment Somali Region

Impact Assessment of the ACDI/VOCA Livestock Markets in Pastoralist Areas of Ethiopia, 2010 VOCA impact assessment

Impact Assessments of Livelihoods-based Drought Interventions in Moyale and Dire Woredas, Ethiopia, 2007 IMPACT1-2

Mid-term Review of the Mercy Corps Pastoralist Livelihood Initiative Programme in Hade le Eila Woreda, Afar Region, 2006 Mercy Corps_ mid-term review_Final report

Livelihoods-based Drought Response in Ethiopia: Impact Assessment of Livestock Feed Supplementation, 2008 Bekele and Tsehay PIA Aug 08

Livestock mortality in pastoralist herds in Ethiopia during drought and implications for livelihoods-based humanitarian response, 2014 Catley et al 2014 Disasters

Money to Burn? Comparing the costs and benefits of drought responses in pastoralist areas of Ethiopia, 2012 Catley & Cullis Money to Burn

Impact of drought-related livestock vaccination in pastoralist areas of Ethiopia, 2009 Catley et al – Impact of drought-related vaccination

Livelihoods impact and benefit-cost estimation of a commercial de-stocking relief intervention in Moyale district, southern Ethiopia, 2008 Abebe et al Destocking paper

The Lower Shebelle Irrigation Scheme in Ethiopia: An Assessment of Productive Options, 2013 Productive options assessment Lower Shebelle Basin Final

Capacity‐building in Impact Assessment in PLI: A review of organizational issues with PLI NGOs, 2010 Alison Napier IA Organization Review June 2010

Impact assessment of the Save the Children USA LEAP HealthProgram, Afdher and Dolobay Woredas, Somali Region, Ethiopia, 2008 SC US health PIA Nov 08

Shifting Sands: The Commercialization of Camels in Mid-altitude Ethiopia and Beyond, 2011 shifting_sands